Actually, no.

I (or for that matter: we) will not stop speaking out how the mark “woman” makes living uneasy.
How the mark “woman” requires to be obedient but forbid! obese.
How it feels to be judged entirely on your looks like all the time. How this judgement is formed by ridiculous beauty standards produced on a computer by adolescent guys.

I will not stop analyzing and scrutinizing the circumstances in which I am living in. I will not stop trying to end injustice incorporated into social norms and standards.
I will not stop speaking out how random dudes in parliaments and other societal institutions discuss whether “woman” can control their own sexuality. Reproductive rights – it’s a thing!

And I will never stop claiming these rights. Women have rights – whether old dudes like that or not. We have the right to be safe from sexual violence in public sphere (!!!), to have a proper education and basic health care, to decide truly on our own whether we want to carry a child or not. And yes, I am gonna say it: I can’t believe we are still talking about that. I will not stop speaking out against the “jokes” on how it is funny to rape women. Jokes that are used as a weapon against “women” to silence them, us. But I won’t be silent. I will make jokes- right, no quotation marks – about the people that rule this world in sheer idiocracy, based upon heterosexism, racism, lookism, ableism, classism, homo- and transphobia and on top of it: carefree. The devil may care.

How this ruling class (there I said it!) sets standards and profits the most of it. How they control the general image in media, persisting on the alleged human motion law “sex sells”, creating Reality Shows in which they “sell sex”. “Sex” that means dehumanizing women, making women the passive, the object. “Sex” that gets along without considering whether women like it or not. “Sex” that is something to be taken from women. But I will not stop calling this “Sex” what it is: exercising power against women. Oppressing women. Silencing them.

Women are not a toy, not plastic, not any kind of “thing” that serves men or is supposed to do. It used to be that way, but I will not stop fighting this ignorance to the very last day. I will not stop criticizing the harmful depiction of women, the glorification of violence against women. I will not stop fighting Facebook for their unquestionable stupid policy to trivialize violence against women. Sexual violence is neither funny, nor acceptable. Sexual violence and the threat of using it is a question of freedom of speech and the right to pursuit happiness. You think you can silence me by threatening me to rape me to death? You want me to shut up and make you a sandwich? You want me to stop saying what I think, because you can’t take that a woman is more than a sexy thing? You are not interested in what woman have to say, because they are supposed to be sexy?

Let me tell you one thing: NO.

I will always speak out. About how young girls are chased into suicide because nobody helps them being safe from sexual violence and the afterwards mockery (!!!) of the rapists. I will not stop calling you an asshole if you think women should watch what they are wearing. I will not stop calling you an asshole if you think a mini skirt is an invitation for rape. I will not stop calling you an asshole if you think rape is “normal” or “just happens”. I will not stop calling you an asshole if you think “sex” means men “getting lucky”. No I won’t.

I will speak out until every sexual assault is taken seriously and the offenders are punished instead of the victims. I will not stop speaking out against the usage of “victim” as “loser” – neither will I stop speaking out about neoliberal feminism and how the notion of “you can have it all” transformed into “you have to have it all”. I will not stop speaking out about white male dudes ruling the world and expecting us to cope with that.

No, I will not stop speaking out.